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NPP Fitness


About the business

We created a marketing website for NPP Fitness. They previously did not have a website for their business, so it was important to get them online with a new website!

NPP Fitness are a personal trainer based in Manchester. They help you achieve your fitness goals in your time. They do training in person around Manchester and also online using their fitness app.

Key requirements for the
NPP Fitness website

On brand

The website needed to be on brand, and clearly display all of NPP Fitnesses information, packages and services.

Displaying the app

NPP's online app is an important part of their business, so a specific section was required to really highlight and showcase it.

Contact form

A clear and simple contact form was needed to capture all of the potential clients information along with their requirements.

Social Media integration

Displaying the Instagram feed and including other social media links allows customers to follow the brand.

Website for Personal Trainers

Our marketing website design allows NPP Fitness to look even more professional and a space online to grow their business.

Results generated from our work on the NPP Fitness website

Since partnering with NPP Fitness for their website, we’ve helped them achieve a range of results, including:

"The process was really easy and really simple"

Hear what NPP Fitness had to say about their experience working with Shoutable: