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About the business

We created a brochure website for marketing expert and speaker BizPaul, a.k.a Paul Ince. The previous BizPaul website was just a chatbot, without any actual website content.

Paul is a marketing strategist, host and presenter who believes that the people working within the business are best placed to talk about it. He has over 20 years in experience supporting businesses with their marketing.

Key requirements for the
BizPaul website

A modern website

Design and build a website that's not only modern, but also mobile friendly and in line with the BizPaul brand.

Email List Integration

Connecting the email list sign up forms on the website to the marketing platform of choice which was Drip.

Showcasing upcoming events

A space on the website was needed to showcase the upcoming events that BizPaul is speaking at.

Showing personality

It was important to showcase BizPauls personality to browsers, though imagery and also text headings.

A website to call home

Our web design and build has allowed for the BizPaul website to have a home for the brand that makes it look even more professional, and generates more customers and speaking opportunities.

Results generated from our work on the BizPaul website

Since partnering with BizPaul for their website, we’ve helped them achieve a range of results, including:
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"I would recommend them to anyone looking to update their website"

Hear what BizPaul had to say about their experience working with Shoutable: