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How to move a Wix site to WordPress?

Lets break down the best way on how to move a Wix site to WordPress

If you’re here, it’s probably because you set yourself up a website on Wix for your business and you now feel that you’ve outgrown it. Or, maybe you’re struggling with the limitations around Wix as a platform. And now, you’re wondering how to move your Wix site to WordPress.

Whatever the reason, you wouldn’t be alone – for many small businesses using Wix seems like a great idea initially to get online, but we hear from business owners time and time again, whether it’s down to slow speeds or lack of functionality Wix can be outgrown pretty quickly.

But why use WordPress instead? We specialise in WordPress websites, so we’re a little biased, but, only because WordPress is a great choice for any business website. There are around 810 million websites using WordPress as a platform, which equates to 43% of websites on the internet – those numbers don’t lie! And, moving your businesses website from Wix to WordPress is a great choice due to the flexibility and great functionality that comes with WordPress as a platform.

What exactly are the benefits of moving your website away from Wix and on to WordPress?

There are many benefits of migrating and moving your Wix website over to WordPress, including:

Faster speeds

Unfortunately, Wix websites have a reputation for being slow. Wix themselves state on their website the more pages you add to a site, the more you will slow your website down. Which in this day and age of websites, is pretty bad – sorry Wix!

It’s critical that any website is as fast as it can be, because slow websites won’t be prioritised when it comes to ranking on Google, and, slow websites lead to frustrated users who simply will hit back and go to the next search result – meaning lost potential clients and customers for you!

You own your website

When you have a WordPress website, you own your own code, design and content. You can take your website files and host them wherever you wanted to, or do whatever you wanted with it. On Wix, any website built on their platform is ultimately owned by them and you are essentially renting your website off of them.

When it comes to your business, your website is a valuable sales and marketing tool, and really should be something that you own, not rent from another company.

Better control and flexibility

You really have no control over your website platform, as you are limited to what Wix allows for their websites. They do this, because they are a mass product, and need to keep customers within the confines of certain restrictions, in order to supply the product to begin with.

Alternatively, because WordPress has been around since 2003 and is open source, it’s considerably more customisable, with very few restrictions. If you can imagine it, someone has built a solution for it on WordPress, so there really is no glass ceiling.

Can you move a Wix website to WordPress?

In theory, yes. However, it’s not a simple copy and paste situation.

As Wix websites are built on their own system and platform, there is no way to export and import a carbon copy. There are some instances where you can export blog posts and imagery. However, you cannot export your Wix pages, and import them into WordPress.

What you can do however, if you are happy with your design, is rebuild your website in WordPress using your Wix website as a visual reference.

So, get your WordPress website installed and set up on your own WordPress hosting server, and then recreate the look and feel of your existing Wix website by rebuilding it in WordPress.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can point the A record of your domain name to your new server location, and get your new website live on the internet!

Here are the steps to moving your Wix website to WordPress:

Okay, lets walk through the steps on how to move a Wix site to WordPress…

1 – Purchase WordPress hosting

You will need to purchase WordPress hosting to get yourself a server. This is where your website is going to live, in order to get it on the internet.

2 – Install WordPress

Most WordPress hosting platforms offer a ‘one click install’ for WordPress, meaning they will walk you through a step by step “click this button” and WordPress will install automatically.

3 – Pick a page builder and theme

You’re going to need a page builder to go alongside WordPress. We recommend Elementor as we think it’s the best out there for building amazing WordPress websites. Once you’ve decided on a page builder, you’ll need to sign up for it, and install the plugin onto your new WordPress site. We’d also recommend going with Hello Theme, which is Elementors theme for WordPress.

4 – Recreate your website design, or use a template

Now, using your existing Wix website as a reference, in WordPress using Elementor recreate each section and page. Or, you could abandon that design all together and pick a template to install.

5 – Point your domain name

When you are finished, you’ll need to point the A record of your domain name to your WordPress server IP address. When done correctly, your website will then load.

Is migrating a Wix site to WordPress a lot of work?

If you’ve gotten this far and your mind is BLOWN, then don’t worry. Real talk – migrating a website from Wix, or even building a new website in any way is A LOT of work. The truth is, you’re busy running your business, and trying to migrate and DIY your own website is not a good investment of your time and energy.

You could spend hours and hours trying to figure out the tech or we can give you a helping hand by taking that tech nightmare off of your plate.

This is where we come in, with web design packages from £497 we can do all of the hard work for you. We can migrate your Wix website to WordPress with the same design (at least as close as we can get it), or, we can redesign your website in WordPress with our expert design skills!

Click here to get in touch with us to talk about your Wix website: help please!